Easy TShirt Business Startup

1. Purchase a Heat Press
    ~> www.amazon.com

    2.  Start Purchasing our Ready to Press Transfer from this website. 

    3. Join Our Gold Membership Club if you wish to purchase 10 or more transfers per order and get 29% OFF every time
        ~> CLICK HERE to sign up as a Gold Member

    4. Purchase Blanks: T-Shirts, Shorts Sets, Hoodies, Jogging Suits, Baseball Jerseys etc.
        ~> www.eboss247.com
        ~> www.JiffyShirts.com
        ~> www.ShirtSpace.com

    5. Use any T-Shirt Designs/Model Mockups from this website to advertise and get sales.

    6. Post/Advertise the T-Shirt Designs on your Social Media
        ~> Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok

    7. Create a website when ready
        ~> www.Shopify.com (recommended)

    8. Join our Facebook Group for support
        ~> www.facebook.com/groups/eboss247