Gold Membership 2022

If you are purchase more than 10 DTF transfers at a time or would like to resell our transfers our Gold Reseller Membership Program is for you! The cost is only $39 per month and joining this monthly membership program will save you 29% OFF (that's $6.36 per transfer) 10 pieces or more when you use our members only discount code: BTGOLD39 at checkout. CANCEL ANYTIME!

  • Use Code BTGOLD39 to receive 29% Discount on 10+ pieces
  • Authorized Reseller Status: you may resell the transfers on your own website, etsy, etc.)
  • Dropship features: We will blind dropship orders to your customers (if your customer orders 10+ transfers we will blind dropship them to your customer)
  • Occasional FREE Transfers of new designs in your order


  • When items are not ready to ship from our Jacksonville, FL Showroom, your order will most likely be shipped from our print partner. Production time normally takes 2-3 business days and delivered in 4-5 days by DHL Express. Please keep this in mind when ordering.
Gold Membership Q&A
  1. How do I dropship orders to my customers? Simply order the 10+ transfers, apply your discount code at checkout and place your customers name and address for delivery. In checkout notes, reply DROPSHIP.
  2. Can I use the images on this website? YES, you may use any images from our website or social media channels to promote the transfers or use on your own website.
  3. Do I have to apply the discount code every time I place an order? YES
  4. How can I resell the transfers? Simply use our images to promote the transfers throughout your social media, etsy, or your website.
  5. What price can I sell the transfers for? That is strictly up to you. You may sell the transfers for whatever amount makes sense for profit and fits into your brand.
  6. Can I request new images? Of course, we encourage our gold members to request and send in new images for purchase.
  7. Does the discount also apply to custom orders? YES.
  8. How do I cancel my membership? Simply return to Paypal and cancel the subscription anytime. The membership will be active until the beginning of the next cycle.
  9. Are the AOP Sublimation Transfers included? NO, only the DTF Transfers.
  10. How do I start my membership? Click one of the links below to start your subscription with Paypal. You will receive a welcome letter by email once payment is received. You may start shopping after that.