Custom DTF Transfers

Custom Printed Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers
DTF Transfers can be pressed onto any color, any material. Once printed they are vibrant and stretchy. DTF transfers are preferred by most people because they are affordable and require no pre-treatment. Our DTF Transfers are printed by an outside vendor and is normally produced in 1-2 days based on volume before shipping. We offer the following sizes:

  • 4x4: recommended for masks (comes 8 per sheet)
  • 10.5 inches: recommended for adults
  • 6-8 inches: recommended for children
  • Production: 2-3 days based on volume
  • When ordering you may upload your print ready high resolution (PNG-no background) artwork by clicking on the button above ADD TO CART

What are DTF Transfers?

Digital Transfer Film (DTF) is the newest technology of white toner heat transfers in the digital printing world. DTF transfers are more affordable and accessible compared to Direct to Garment (DTG), screen printing, sublimation or laser white toner transfers. It also gives you the advantage to print on any color tshirts and any material including: Cotton, poly, denim, silk & more. When heat pressed to the garment, the designs are soft, stretchy, vibrant, durable and long lasting. Press Directions: Medium pressure at 290 degrees for approximately 9 seconds and peel cold.

DTF is also referred to as Direct Transfer Film, and it works by printing transfers that are heat pressed to a variety of garments (and other substrates). There are many compatible fabrics including cotton, nylon, leather, polyester, and 50/50 blends. This is unlike Direct to Garment (DTG) technology which only works on cotton fabrics. This therefore means that these transfers work on a much wider substrate, making it the most versatile digital transfers in the market. DTF printers work on both white and dark garments and can get the job done without requiring you to press on costly A+B paper, as is the case with the white toner printers.

Direct Transfer Film printers also combine reliability, unmatched quality and high productivity. They can handle large production volumes, which is essential in this fast-growing industry. Unlike DTG technology, DTF transfers are preferred by most people because they are affordable and require no pre-treatment. For quality results, you will need DTF powder and DTF sheets to print transfer film, and of course, DTF Ink.

eboss247 provides ready to press DTF Transfers. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to create your tshirts and other garments.